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Retrieve deleted text messages android

Retrieve deleted text messages android

As we all know that messages have vital importance in android users’ routine life. Because messages are the best way of communication, we can easily communicate through messages with our loved ones. Message is the best commencement of information transfer to each other by using android smartphones or tablets.

But sometimes it happens that accidentally some of your important messages are deleted from your android this situation can create a great disturbance for you. And you want to get that messages back, yes it is possible to get your deleted text messages back. Actually what happens when you delete them from your android? They just temporarily save in the virtual space of your android for a limited time, no doubt you cannot see them, but it is possible to retrieve them with the help of some android text messages recovery apps.

Many apps are available on the internet for free you can download any free SMS recovery app from the internet for your android to get your important conversation back which may include contacts, photos, text, videos, etc. you have to just install the SMS recovery app on your android and just done.

But with our help, you can recover your important text messages or even a single text message on your android device. So, if you are also facing the same problem, you have unfortunately or accidentally deleted your important text messages or even a single message, then no need worry because we are helping you to solve your problem, just go through this article and get the best solution for your problem.

Method to retrieve deleted text messages android:
Follow the given steps to retrieve your deleted text messages from your android device.
  • First of all, make sure that your android device has at least 20 % power remaining before starting the process.
  • Then download some free SMS recovery tool or app from the internet.
  • Now install this app or tool on your android device.
  • Now just enable USB debugging on your android device.
  • Now make a connection of android device via USB with the computer, by opening the USB debugging on your Android device, it will skip the step 3 directly.
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If you have not done so, then you need to turn to your android device by following these steps:

A). For Android 4.2: Tap on “settings” then tap on “about phone”, now from here select “build number” for 7 times, and you will get a note “you are under developer mode”
Now back to “settings” and select “developer options” and now check debugging.
B). For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Click on “settings” now select “developer options” now check “USB debugging”.
C). For Android 2.3 or earlier: Click on “settings” now select “applications” from here click on “development” and then check “USB debugging”.

  • Now click “allow” to allow the software to scan the lost data.
  • Now left click on “messages” and “messages attachments” now mark your desired one and export on your computer by clicking “recover”.
  • By doing Android Backup frequently you can protect your android backing up you can retrieve your lost data.
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Worldwide Best App Myxer free ringtones for android - Apk


Myxer free ringtones for android

Android smart phones or tablet are a vital part of our life, almost everyone has a smart phone or tablet or both as well. Having an android smart phone or tablet is useless if the android doesn’t have apps and games in it. Nowadays it is trendy to modify the android device with our own style adding latest android apps, android games and some extra features in it because without it the android device will become colorless. In many ways you can add more beauty to your android device like, themes, wallpapers, ring tones, etc. And if we talk about Ringtone, everyone want to set his/her phone’s Ringtone of their own choice and if you have a free ring tone app for your android smart phone or tablet then it will add more fun to your taste and choice. There are many ring tone android apps available on internet or Google Play Store which is available for free you no need to pay money for them. In this rush on internet people, some get confused what to choose. And you are also facing the same situation but now no need to worry because we are telling you about amazing Free Ringtone app for your android device. We are also telling the method of installation and the apps features. So the best Ring tones app’s name is:

Myxer free ring tones for android:

Myxer is an amazing and fantastic app for your android, using this app you can not only download ring tone but you can also make your own ring tone using this fabulous app. You can also change your favorite song into a ring tone for your smart phone or tablet absolutely for free. This app is very popular among people nowadays. No extra efforts are required to use Myxer app this is a simple and easy to use the app. This amazing can also be used for Windows. The Myxer app in not available on Google Play Store you can download its apk file from some other website. With millions of ring tones, this fantastic app also provides you wallpaper and games. You can use the Myxer app on any OS android device.


Creating your own ring tones:

Myxer app provides its users the opportunity to create unique ring tones of their own choice for their android device. To create your own ring tone cut the decisive portion of your favorite song using this app and set as your smart phone’s or mobile’s ring tone. Also, Millions of exceptional and free MP3s can be browsed and downloaded directly to the music player.

Installation method:
1. First of all download the app from some website.
2. Then from settings enable the installation of 3rd party apps.
3. Now just enjoy the app and have great fun.

Myxer App description:

• Developer: Myxer
• Version: 2.19
• Size of app: 2,1M
• OS: Android
• Price: Available for Free

Features of Myxer free ring tones app for android:
Simple and easy to use and install.
Create your own ring tone or record your voice to make ring tone.
Provides you a live tile option with a new ring tone daily absolutely for free.

Ps2 Emulator For Android Download - Androidhatworld


Ps2 emulator for android download

This is the age of androids, and an android device is useless if it doesn’t have apps and games in it. Because the games don’t let us bore, and they can also enhance our mental ability. Playing game is the best activity to do in free time. We can enhance our IQ skill also by playing games. Also in our free time playing game do not let us bore it is the best of time pass. When it comes to gaming, our Android devices are still anemic in comparison to prevailing consoles but slowly this is starting to change. Usually, we see that more big name workrooms are getting involved with mobile gaming, and many more in-depth games that go apart from the traditional time-waster access of titles like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. For the people among you who like to play the game on Android smart phone or tablet, now we are sharing Emulator exciting for them the PlayStation 2 emulators for your Android devices which is now have come with version: v0.3.0 is apk. For you, PS2 Emulator Android is an exciting experience to try. Because using this now you can save this ancient emulator, download soon to be tried. The Ps2 has become the number 1 gaming console as per user reviews. Just install the PS2 Emulator on your android smart phone or tablet, and you only need to download PS2 games on your android device to play, no need to convert these downloaded games, to unpack the game packages to edit and modify. As everyone knows that there are many gaming consoles available in the market but still the PS2 is popular for all the game lovers only use Ps2 on their android devices. This amazing app is easy to download and install on your android smart phone or tablet. You can download it frees of cost from the internet and can enjoy a lot. Ps2 has an amazing user interface that you will love to play games and will experience something new. The full attractiveness of this gaming console is hidden behind its high-end graphics and its great animations. Firstly this app was available for PCs only but this is available for androids also so people have chosen it as the best gaming console. More than 4000 games are available for ps2 you will love the playing experience. And soon you become an addicted of this gaming console.

Feature of PS2 Emulator:

• Best gaming experience.
• Easy to play games.
• A huge range of games to play.
• High-end graphics and animations.
• Provides the user high-resolution mode.
• Choice of different play modes.
• Provides the facility to take screen shots to share them later.

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Ps2 emulator android Supporting Games:

 GTA Vice City
 Super Mario
 Donkey Kong
 Need for Speed with its versions
 Dragon Ball
 Mortal Kombat
 Ace Combat
 Sonic
 Bleach
 Naruto etc.

The latest released version of the PS2 Emulator for Android:
• Size: 3.4M
• Release year: 2015
• Extension: .apk
• Supports: Android OS

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Worldwide Awesome Safari Best Browser Apk for Android


Safari browser for android download

As we know this is the age of the internet, we can find any anywhere in the world using the internet but for internet surfing, we need some web browser as the browsers are a very important app for android smart phones or tablets. On the internet, there are a lot of free brewers available for free. The browser with good features and great performance can literally change the user’s entire experience while browsing the web. The web browsers which are built in android apps are very slow for internet surfing, it is just time waste to use built in android web browser. But it is difficult to choose the right browser for your android as a lot of browsers for android smart phone or tablet are available on the internet.

But in the rush of web browsers on the internet, we are guiding you about the best browser on your android smart phone or tablet. The well featured and world’s fastest web browser’s name is:

Safari browser for android:
Safari is the champion among all the web browsers. It is the world’s fast web browser. Safari browser is Apple’s product which has scored 10% to 15% higher on speed tests. This is the best browser to use on android even you can easily sync your tabs, bookmarks and other settings across devices. You have to just tap on the tab button and then scroll it downwards to see them listed. This is the Safari browser which provided one more hour of battery life than Chrome. The Safari browser beat Chrome by two hours. The Safari app doesn’t take a lot of memory and it runs smooth because of its simple nature. You can download this app absolutely for free from the internet. To enjoy the latest browsing experience on your smart phone or tablet you can also download and install Safari browser latest APK  update on your android device. This is the world’s famous web browser for fastest and reliable internet surfing on your android devices. You can also download the latest version of Safari Web Browser on your devices and enjoy the fastest internet browsing experience. This app has many other useful and attractive features that make this app an awesome app for android devices. 

Safari browser Details:
Browser name: Safari web browser
Category: Android Browser
Version of browser: 1.7
Size:2.86 MB
Supports:Android 2.3 and up
Price: Free
Publisher: Apple Inc.

Features of Safari browser:
Safari is absolutely free to download and use.
Simple and easy to use interface.
Fastest and high browsing speed.
Safari supports all android smart phones and tablets.
The fastest downloading, uploading, and browsing.
Safarican assist you to tabbed browsing.
Safari allows private browsing mode.
Provides the fast mobile internet.

Now after knowing all about Safari web browser free app what is your opinion? If you liked the app then just download this famous and wonderful free app from the internet and enjoy a non-stop and fastest internet surfing. And feel the difference among other ordinary web browsing apps for the android smart phones and tablets.

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Best Text Messaging App For Android - Androidhatworld

Best text messaging app for android

The time of letter writing has gone, now in this digital age full of technology it’s the time of messaging, also called texting. Text messaging on the phone is one of the best ways of communication, as a human being, we can’t live without communication with our family, friends and loved ones. Text messaging using mobile network have some charges to pay for. But in this age of technology and androids like many other android apps, there are thousands of android text messaging apps are also available for free. So for the chat lovers, these apps are wonderful to use and free of cost communication. The free messaging apps for android add more shine to the android phone or tablet.

If you are also confused to choose the best text messaging app for your android smart phone or tablet, then no need to worry because we are helping you to solve your problem. Here in this article, we are telling you about the best ever text messaging app for your android smart phone or tablet.

So to use this amazing app just go through this article and enjoy a wonderful and unlimited free text chatting with your friends, family and loved ones.

The Best text messaging app for android available for free:
Go SMS Pro:

Go SMS Pro is the best and most popular android text messaging app which supports a lot of customization options, marvelous themes and regularly updated stickers. The app also has some extra features like Private Box for personal messaging, sticky chat with quick reply pop-ups, free online text messaging. The Go SMS Pro is a free app which also supports cloud backup of all texts. 

This amazing app comes with a ton of features which includes hundreds of themes, delayed message sending, SMS blocking, etc. Using this app provides the facility to send private, encrypted messages. The Go SMS Pro also includes the usual host of things like emoji and stickers. Mostly there are some advertisements you just need to click on the advertisement-animation feature to see them. The themes and stickers are the best part of this fantastic app. 

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GO SMS Pro app provides the themes that are really well designed and integrate well with its interface. The user needs to download each from Google Play once this is done then they easy to set up. A number of them are available free of cost but for more specialized ones you have to pay for them. The Go SMS Pro app provides dual sim support. More than 100 million users are using this amazing android app. GoSMS Pro android app is faster, safer and provides tons of great features.


Go SMS Pro android app features:

 For private messaging the app provides Private Box.
 Provides free online text messaging with Go chat.
 Simple and dynamic customization with themes.
 The app provides the facility to stick your chat.
 Scheduling SMS/MMS.
 Quick reply service.
 Unwanted number's blockage.
 Enabling sending delayed messaging.
 Cloud backup and messages restore.

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How To Get Free In App Purchases Android - AndroidHatWorld


How to get free in-app purchases android

Free in-app purchases android:
In this digital age, almost everyone knows about android smart phone or tablet. It wouldn’t be wrong to say this is the age of androids. The android is acclaimed for its large number of games and apps which are available on Google Play Store. Almost everyone demands the free in-app purchases but mostly these in-apps purchases are not available for free you have to pay to use these apps. But, if these apps would be available for free then they double the fun for you.

Here in this article, we will tell you how you can get free in-app purchases android for almost any app or game. Basically, the purchases are small features or stuff in the game or app like diamonds, coins, and characters, gems that you can unlock for by spending cash for higher gaming experience and to enhance your skills or character.

Today we are guiding you how to get free in-app purchases android, we are providing the step by step method for your ease, and the app we are discussing about is Lucky patcher, this app is very popular among androids for its stunning and unique features such a shacking play store to download paid apps for free, hacking in-app purchases, creating modified apks etc. So, go through and

Follow these steps to get free in-app purchases android:
#1. First of all Download Lucky patcher.

#2. Go to settings >> security and select unknown sources to check box to Enable the installation from unknown sources.

#3. Now go to the folder where you have downloaded the Lucky patcher.apk file and then install the app.

#4. Open the app and tap on the in-app purchases that you want to get.

#5. Select the option “Open Menu of Patches” now select “Create modified apk”.

#6. Select “apk rebuilt for in App and LVL emulation”.

#7. From the next window select “Support patch for LVL emulation” and “Support patch for inApp emulation”.

#8. Now only tap on “rebuild the App” button the patched app will we started to create.

#9. After finishing the previous process tap on OK and exit the app. Now your selected Lucky patcher app could be installed.

#10. Open the file manager app now and navigate to the android > data > InAppBillingService.LUCK > Files > Luckypatcher > Modified > two folders will be got here one will be the same name of the app while the other will be named as Keys.

#11. Open the folder with the same name of the app, and you will get the modified apk file of your app there.

#12. Install the apk file now and open it. Head out to the store, now all the purchases have changed to $0.

#13. Now it will open a dialog box while purchasing anything, select “Save purchase for restore” then tap on Yes button to purchase the app.

#14. Wow! The app is purchased now. Have a great fun now!
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5 Best Video Downloader Apps For Android ~ Androidhatworld

Best Video Downloader Apps For Android

Best video downloader for android
It would not be wrong to say that android phone is a castle of enjoyment and entertainment. Your android will not let you bore if it has some android apps and games. When we talk about entertainment, videos come to our mind first. And if some video downloader app is installed on your android phone then your entertainment would be doubled. Watching free movies on android online from the internet is not very easy because of very busy and tough lifestyle. So we people mostly used to download videos or movies on our android phones to watch in our free time. Also, it is not possible for everyone to be connected to the internet most of the people are offline, so it’s the best option to install some video downloader app for your android to watch videos even when you are offline.

If you are also a lover of watching videos and are searching for best video downloader app for your android, then go through because in this article we are listing absolutely free

Top 5 video downloader apps for android:*

Tube Video Downloader:
One of the best free video downloader app for android phone and tablet. Tube Video Downloader provides you the facility to download videos in different formats like MKV, FLV, MP3, MOV, WMV etc. some conditions have been applied to this app that’s why it will let you download videos from YouTube server. Tube Video Downloader app will automatically detect the links from the internet, so you don’t need to copy the links from websites.

BaDoink Video Downloader:
BaDoink Video Downloader android app provides you the facility to download videos instantly. This app lets you download multiple videos at a time. Means you are not bounded to a specific number of videos to download, unlimited videos could be downloaded using this amazing app. This app provides you and extra feature of password lock, you can protect your android form unauthorized access toinconsonant videos and content on the internet.

FVD (Free Video Downloader):
A amazing free android app to download videos from the internet. Being a video lover you should whirl this app, to get quick results in a few clicks with High Definition quality videos. Free Video Downloader app provides your facility to download a lot of videos for free of cost. This app has more than 10 million users. This app is packed with a powerful browser and supported by many other browsers.

Download Manager for Android:
Download Manager for Android is the free app providing you HD (High Definition) videos. This is a perfect free video downloader app to download any type of videos with different formats with fastest downloading speed. This app supports HTML5 videos. Average rating for this app is 4.0.

Tube Video Mate:
The monster app is download videos from the internet. The Tube Video Mate is an absolutely free app with outer looking interface. This fantastic app provides your facility to download HD, MKV, MP4 etc. Tube Video Mate app has a natural interface.

Now it’s your time to choose the app! Install any of the given apps and have a lot of fun!

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