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Retrieve deleted text messages android

Retrieve deleted text messages android

As we all know that messages have vital importance in android users’ routine life. Because messages are the best way of communication, we can easily communicate through messages with our loved ones. Message is the best commencement of information transfer to each other by using android smartphones or tablets.

But sometimes it happens that accidentally some of your important messages are deleted from your android this situation can create a great disturbance for you. And you want to get that messages back, yes it is possible to get your deleted text messages back. Actually what happens when you delete them from your android? They just temporarily save in the virtual space of your android for a limited time, no doubt you cannot see them, but it is possible to retrieve them with the help of some android text messages recovery apps.

Many apps are available on the internet for free you can download any free SMS recovery app from the internet for your android to get your important conversation back which may include contacts, photos, text, videos, etc. you have to just install the SMS recovery app on your android and just done.

But with our help, you can recover your important text messages or even a single text message on your android device. So, if you are also facing the same problem, you have unfortunately or accidentally deleted your important text messages or even a single message, then no need worry because we are helping you to solve your problem, just go through this article and get the best solution for your problem.

Method to retrieve deleted text messages android:
Follow the given steps to retrieve your deleted text messages from your android device.
  • First of all, make sure that your android device has at least 20 % power remaining before starting the process.
  • Then download some free SMS recovery tool or app from the internet.
  • Now install this app or tool on your android device.
  • Now just enable USB debugging on your android device.
  • Now make a connection of android device via USB with the computer, by opening the USB debugging on your Android device, it will skip the step 3 directly.
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If you have not done so, then you need to turn to your android device by following these steps:

A). For Android 4.2: Tap on “settings” then tap on “about phone”, now from here select “build number” for 7 times, and you will get a note “you are under developer mode”
Now back to “settings” and select “developer options” and now check debugging.
B). For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Click on “settings” now select “developer options” now check “USB debugging”.
C). For Android 2.3 or earlier: Click on “settings” now select “applications” from here click on “development” and then check “USB debugging”.

  • Now click “allow” to allow the software to scan the lost data.
  • Now left click on “messages” and “messages attachments” now mark your desired one and export on your computer by clicking “recover”.
  • By doing Android Backup frequently you can protect your android backing up you can retrieve your lost data.
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