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#Android device manager location unavailable

Today we are discussing Android Device Manager, it is an outstanding Google’s alternative tool that is used to find and protect your android device. Android device manager is a software-based tool to protect and locate your lost android phone or tablet through GPS location using mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

Sometimes we forget or lose or misplace our android phone or tablet somewhere, and we want to know where our android is actually located or want to protect our mobile data from an unauthorized access, in a situation like this, the android device manager tool helps us and gives the actual location of our android device. For this, you need to log in device manager and to activate GPS location, and you will find in a few seconds where your android is at the moment.

The android device manager tool is free which provides you the facility to remove your android data fully even if you did not find your device so that you can protect your important data from unauthorized access.

This is a superb tool but still there are confusions among people to utilize this tool, because of some technical difficulties of this tool facing when utilizing the features of this tool for the first time. But if you will take correct steps for its utilization than the android device manager tool will provide you help.

Sometimes when people start to use this tool they get the error message like:

"Android device manager location unavailable"
This is an error message and it may be irritating. Taking simple steps you can avoid this error message. Never forget to update your android device regularly, because the android manufacturers offer regular updates. So you should update your android smart phone or tablet to avoid the issues like this.

In this article, we are discussing how you can avoid the issue of error message. You must keep your mobile data on or use Wi-Fi, because Wi-Fi is much better and faster than others and it helps you to save your data.

You must keep the Wi-Fi turned on
1# Select the “High Accuracy Mode” in locations.
2# Then go to “Settings” and now “locations”.
3# Now from “Mode” select “High Accuracy”.
4# Now go to “settings” after this go to “Applications”.
5# Here from “All Apps” search “Google Play Services”.
6# Clear the Cache Memory by clicking here.
7# After that reboot your android.

After clearing the cache memory you can use Device Manager and your issue will be solved

Follow the steps to Fix the error message “Android device manager location unavailable”

1# Activate your internet connection.§
2# Turn on GPS.§
3# Now open device manager application.§
4# Now log in your account and then log out it.§
5# Again log in your account.§
6# Now just turn on the airplane mode and then turn it off.§
7# Now turn off your android device and turn it on.§
8# And, You have done.§
Hopefully, after this, you will fix your android smart phone or tablet of any errors. 

Last Words!
I Am tried my best to keep the guide too simple and very easy to understand the peoples which they are facing this error in android Device Manager Location. So this is the simplest way to fix this error.
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