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Ds Emulator For Android

Best Ds  Emulator For Android

Are you searching for the best ds emulator for android smartphone or tablet? If yes then visit our website to find your desired ds emulator for your android. Before talking about the best ds emulator first, we inform you what the emulator actually is? The emulator basically is a virtual console to play the game on your android. It is just like you have a DS on your android smartphone or tablet. The emulator makes a fun to playing game as you have all the controls in front of you in a grey area and you can easily play the game. Here in this article, we are providing you 4 best free ds emulators for your android devices just have a look and choose the ds emulator of android. 

4 Best Ds Emulator For android:

NDS Boy:

NDS Boy is the best Nintendo ds emulator for android device with more than average ROM congeniality. This fantastic app has the feature of customizable controls, it also provides the features of saving and loading the states. This is available totally for free. You can download it from Google Play Store.

Features of NDS Boy:

Completely open source emulator.
Provides the facility to save the game.
Provides the direct support from the developer.

Pretendo NDS Emulator:

Totally free ds emulator for android, the best choice for your android device. Pretendo NDS Emulator provides nice graphics, it has too many ads but still ok and fantastic free emulator for your android smartphone or tablet. 

Features of Pretendo NDS Emulator:

Provides the facility of stretching screen.
Provides the facility to change the buttons way.
Provides the facility to save and load games anytime.
Supports wireless and wired controllers.

Smart NDS Emulator:

A nice ds emulator for android devices, which provides you great graphics. This app has enough features although has some problems but still people use it. This emulator is available totally for free. You can download it and install this emulator on your android device.

Features Smart NDS Emulator:

Browsing all of your games in the app.
Automatically saves games on theSD card.
ROMs can be in just about any format.
Weekly update app depending on the user’s feedback.


 A free open source ds emulator for android devices with a number of available systems like PlayStation, Nintendo DS, SNESand Game Boy. This emulator is a little bit complex than others. Each of its emulators comes in the form of cores that the user must have to download and have to add to the app to play particular games. You can download it absolutely free from Google play Store to enjoy a nonstop gaming experience.


Anawesome ds emulator for android available for free. This marvelous app provides you basic features like, save and load states, and attainment pinches like frame skip to play the game at more speed. The developer of ds emulator for android has been actively supporting to make it better. Download and install it on your android device to have a great fun while playing games.

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