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How to unlock android phone

As the current age is the age of android smartphones or tablets, almost everyone using android now a days. The android is glorious because of many kinds of fabulous apps and games. No doubt it is marvelous to use androids but because of android’s utilitarian operating system, it is not much secure. To protect and lock the android people usually use a pattern lock or unlock android phone some applications because these are the easy ways to secure the android than setting a password. It happens sporadically that we forget the pattern to how to unlock android phone . Normally people use their Gmail account because using Gmail account in play store resetting or unlock android phone the pattern becomes very easy. But no matter if you do not have that account. If forgetting the pattern you can still easily unlock android phone without losing your important mobile data. 
If you are also facing this problem and want to solve how to unlock android phone it then no need to worry because we are guiding you to unlock your android phone just follow us to find the best solution for your android from the given methods. 

How to unlock android phone pattern without losing data:

Method # 1:

Obligatory elements:
Aroma file manager  to unlock android phone
SD card for your android
Android locked by pattern or password.
  • First of all, just download the Aroma file manager and store in SD card, then insert that SD card into the android smartphone or tablet.
  • Now restart the android by pressing together the power key and the up volume key at the same time and open the “the stock recovery mode”.
  • Now to scroll the screen you can use the volume buttons. Use the middle button to select something.
  • No select the “install zip from SD card” and select the path to install the Aroma file manager from the SD card that you have inserted in your android unlock android phone.
  • When the installation is completed then open the “recovery mode”.
  • Now come to settings and tap on auto mount the devices from the down and exit.
  • Now you have to tap again on the option of “SD card Zip” and then set the lane to install “aroma file manager”.
  • Now the aroma file manager is opened, from here come to “data folder” and then search“gesture.key” or“password.key” according to your requirements. 
  • Now from here just delete any file and exit it, now reboot the android. After this, your pattern or password will be still there. Now you can make a pattern or set any password but keep in mind that it will be saved now so have to remember this pattern or password for next time use.
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Unlock android phone the Pattern with Factory Settings but your data will be lost:

Method # 2:

If you cannot afford the data lost then don’t follow this method:

Turn off your android first. 
Now boot your android into recovery mode by pressing power key and the volume up key at the same time. 
When recovery mode is open then select “factory data reset” and tap on “yes”. 
Now tap on “wipe cache partition” to clear the cache data. 
Reboot the android. 

You have done! Now android will start from scratch.

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