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      How to set up voicemail on android
Being a busy person if you want to setup voicemail on your android device so that later you can retrieve your messages or calls, or you have voicemail already on your android device but you don’t know how to setup it on your android device, then no need to worry here in this article we are providing two methods of setup voicemail on your android just read and apply the method of your choice within few minutes.
Method #1:
Steps to set up voicemail on android:
1.      First of all, open the dialler of your android device.
2.      Then press and hold “1”.
3.      Now again press “1” to record a greeting.
4.      Now to change the password you have to press “3”.
5.      Done! 
         If android Lollipop is running on your android device then you can follow these steps:
    1.      First of all, open the dialler of your android device.
    2.      Now tap on the three dots on upper right corner of your android device’s screen                             3.      Now go to “settings”.
    4.      From here tap on “calls”.
    5.      Now select “voicemail”
    6.      Now tap on “setup”.
    7.      Now you can change your voicemail number.
    8.      Done!
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      Method #2:
      Google Voice:
Google Voicemail is an authorized way for receiving and calling from the Google number. You need only a Google number and account for forwarding the calls. This process consists of three parts, which are:
1.      Getting a Google number
2.      Setting up Google voicemail on your Android
3.      Configuring the settings for voicemail.
Getting a Google number:
1.      On the first step open official Google Voice webpage, and login with the Google account details.
2.      Now tap on “I want a new number”.
3.      Now select the Google number of your choice to form the list provided by Google and select “continue”.
4.      Now in “enter PIN” and “confirm PIN” text box type the PIN number. Tick on the “I accept” check box and select “continue”.
5.      Now enter the current number you want to use and click on “continue”.
6.      Click on “call me now” in verify your phone pop up. An automatic call will be received by Google Voice. Now enter the code and after the code verification, it will be automatically disconnected.
Setting up Google voicemail on your Android:
Follow these steps after getting and enabling your new Google number to setup Google Voicemail on your android.
1.      Now download and install Google Voice from Google Play store.
2.      Now open it and tap on “next” from the welcome screen.
3.      Tap on sign-in with your Google account.
4.      Now tap on “next”.
5.      Now select your desired option on tap on “next”.
6.      Now tap on “configure” and then tap on “allow”.
7.      Now tap on Google Voice.
8.      After completing synchronization you will get inbox screen and can listen by tapping on them.
Configuring the settings for voicemail:
Last part of the process.
1.      First of all, open Google Voice webpage and login with your Google account.
2.      Now click on wheel icon and select “settings”.
3.      Now tap on Voicemail and text tab.
4.      From here click on “record new greeting”.
5.      Enter greeting name and tap continue.
6.      Now receive the call speak and record the greeting message. 
7.      That’s it!

       If You Face Any Problems Or Suggestions Then Comment Below :) 

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